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Bamboo Grove Furniture Inc is the Designer, Manufacturer Exporter and Importer of Eco-Friendly Bamboo products,

such as Tiki Huts aka Gazebos, Spa Covers, Tents, Bars, Furniture and Accessories.


We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and designs available in the industry for the construction of our exceptionally high, export quality Bamboo Furniture and Tiki Huts.   



• Bamboo: We use only Philippine “A” Grade Bamboo, because of its heavier and thicker wall composition. Philippine Bamboo is considered the finest bamboo in the world and cannot be compared to the inferior thin-walled bamboo from China or Indonesia.


• Treatment: All bamboo and materials are personally selected by our craftsmen, properly seasoned and treated for protection from insects, fungus growth and meets or surpasses North American and European Customs requirements.


• Echo-Friendly: All our bamboo products are made of a 100% renewable resource, Bamboo and Nipa leaves.


• Nipa Roofs: Nipa is a palm leaf that has been used as roofing material for centuries in the Philippines. Nipa roofs are good for 8-10 years +. The insulating properties of these leaves are incredible and still match and even surpass some modern insulating materials.


• Joinery: We utilize century’s old joinery techniques like “Birds Mouth” then these are glued with epoxy for long lasting strength.


• Finish: We apply 4 coats of our proprietary custom made coating specifically designed for Bamboo, and with high UV protection.


• Factory Pricing: All our products are built 100% entirely in-house. You are dealing Factory Direct!


• Our Quality: Matches or surpasses US, Canadian and European consumer standards. You will not find higher quality Bamboo, Furniture and Accessories anywhere else. We guarantee that!


• Shipping: All larger products are knock down style and can be shipped in kit form.


• Assembly Examples;

Standard Gazebo: 3 hours for 2 people (With Basic Hand Tools)

Large Gazebo: 4-6 hours for 2-4  people (With Basic Hand Tools)



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