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This warranty is given to the initial purchaser and is valid for as long as the product is owned by the original buyer during warranty period. The warranty, which runs from the date of purchase, covers defects in materials and craftsmanship found during standard residential use of the products during warranty period. Standard residential use is defined as the proper usage by individual(s) in a home, and weigh less than 250 lbs. If a product is defective, and if written notice of the defect is given to shipper within the Applicable Warranty Period, shipper at its option will either repair or replace the defective product with comparable component or product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by transportation, delivery, or abuse. This warranty applies only under the conditions of normal usage and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accidents, negligence or normal wear.




Applicable Warranty Period: FIVE (5) YEARS

The bamboo frame is warranted under normal RESIDENTIAL wear and use conditions only.

  • This warranty does not cover shrinkage, expansion, splitting and or checks due to climate change, improper storage and or the inherent nature of natural bamboo.

  • This does not cover the finish: Fading, peeling, mold and or scratches due to climate change, improper storage, shipping, assembly and or the inherent nature of finishing natural bamboo. Note: Bamboo will always require touch-up and or refinishing its whole life to protect it and maintain its beauty as with any natural product.

  • Fabric is warranted against wear under normal wear conditions only.

  • This does not cover shrinkage, piling, or fading due to sun, chemical after-treatments or improper cleaning.

  • Cushions are warranted against defects and loss of foam resiliency, under normal use only.

  • Do not confuse normal softening and flattening that occurs in all foam products with actual loss of foam resiliency.

This warranty does not apply to "normal wear and tear", damage caused by carrier, damage caused by transport of product from one site or location to another, alterations to the product not expressly authorized by seller/shipper, products considered to be of a consumable nature. Should an item covered under this warranty fail, please return product to the shipper directly. A written authorization request for returning defective part(s) to shipper/seller along with original receipt, 2 pieces I.D. one with photo and pictures of damage/claimed is required. Defective parts will not be received unless a written authorization has been issued and accompanies the articles being returned. Shipper will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective part and return it to the purchaser. This warranty is presented in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchant-ability of fitness for a particular purpose. The customer's exclusive remedy with respect to any and all losses or damages resulting from any cause whatsoever shall be repaired or replaced as specified above. Products/Restrictions: Fabric and Seating Cushions - Twelve months | Hardwood Frames / Flooring -  Two years | Hardware - Two years | Roof - Three Years. Manufacturer is not responsible or liable for any shipping cost. All shipping cost for replacement part(s)/units are the sole responsibility of the sellers, shippers or the consumers for all warranty issues.


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