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Bamboo Panels

The greatest (and oldest) innovation in sustainable building materials is here!

Our beautiful, modern and affordable construction grade “A” bamboo panels are exclusively made by BGF from what is considered the world's finest bamboo, Philippine bamboo.

Our Bamboo paneling comes in many different sizes and beautiful styles.


Our exclusive Crushed Bamboo Panels are quite unique.

Our panels have a distinctive look which is a result of the way they are made.

The top layer is our crushed, treated, dried Philippine bamboo it is then laminated to our marine grade plywood and pressed together to form a panel.


The top layer can be sanded, left as is (Natural), or completely finished which depend on the end application or the requirements of the client. Due to our construction method our bamboo panels are suited for any type of construction from flooring*, wall paneling, ceilings, furniture to any interior or exterior** design projects. 


Philippine Bamboo poles exceeds the strength and mechanical properties of most traditional timbers and and is in the top 5 bamboo species in the world considered construction grade used in the the furniture industry.

Some Crushed Bamboo Panel Uses

Available Dimensions and Finishes

Our standard panels are 4'ft x 8'ft (122 x 244 cm) and composed of 2 layers;
- 1st layer marine grade plywood.
- 2nd bamboo.


We can manufacture panels in any size,

but size should be equally divisible in a 4'ft x 8'ft sheet or a custom sizing charges will apply.

We can produce Bamboo Panels in different finishes;

  • Natural (not sanded)

  • Sanded

  • Stained (Color Stained)

  • Finished (Sanded + Sanding Sealer + Top Coats)

  • Stained & Finished (Sanded + Color Stained + Sanding Sealer + Top Coats)





We also produce our exclusive Boo-panel, constructed entirely from 3 layers of crushed bamboo.
This replaces the use of plywood for clients who want an 100% Eco-friendly option to plywood and other wood composites used in the construction and furniture industry.


The standard thickness of our crushed bamboo panels is approximately 10-11mm or 15-16 mm but custom sizes are available by special request. 

All our bamboo panels are pressed with PVA glue Class 1 - E1
and also available is Water Resistant Class 3 - E1 at the client request.

*Flooring Panels will require thicker substrate or as per clients request.

**Exterior use will require PVA glue Class 3 - E1


Click the PDF Button Below To Download Our Natural Bamboo Panel Catalog

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