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We started business in 1973 as a small family business catering to the local Bamboo and Rattan furniture industry in the Philippines.


Our factory has recently undergone a major retrofit, skills upgrading and production improvements.

These recent upgrades and improvements, have allowed us to be even more efficient in our design,

manufacturing and the export process, thus allowing us to compete more effectively in the global market.

Since we implemented these recent updates to our factory, our products can now be exported even more efficiently to customers throughout the world. Our customers will become accustomed to our exceptional handmade, Export Quality offerings, complimented by our innovative designs, selection and service.

In today’s constantly evolving Design and Manufacturing techniques, Bamboo Grove Furniture offers a focused yet balanced and fundamental approach to Manufacturing and yet still staying true to the traditional art form and techniques used for hundreds of years by our Bamboo and Rattan Artisans.

Drawing on the wealth of skills and experience, brought by our family of expert craftsmen, from our designers, weavers, frame-makers and finishers, handlers and packers, including our bamboo and rattan harvesters, Bamboo Grove Furniture has the effective combination of people to meet your objectives, from the tropical forest to the cargo containers, to give each and every customer the best possible Bamboo and Rattan Furniture that will be enjoyed for generations.


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Bamboo House.png
Bamboo House.png


We are constantly upgrading the skills sets of our team to meet the challenges of today’s competitive business world. Complimenting these skills and experience of our craftsmen, we have a new insight into the design and manufacturing of our furniture that is unmatched and on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

We know and appreciate the importance of each and every one of our customers and know that our success is based on our commitment to quality and service.


We thrive daily in hopes to gain a full understanding of their needs and expectations and we will continue to strive to meet and exceed all our customer requirements.


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