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Our Philippine Bamboo Species
Is considered one of the finest construction grade bamboo species in the world  and cannot be compared to the inferior small and thin-walled bamboo used in China, Vietnam or Indonesia.


    Our Harvesting Procedures
We harvest only “A” grade bamboo poles…from sustainable plantations.
Each and every one of our bamboo poles are personally selected by our harvesters, they only select poles that meet our strict requirements for wall thickness, straightness, age and over all appearance and health.


    Our Bamboo Treatment
Our protection against insect and fungus is unsurpassed in the industry and due to our proprietary, organic, 3-part treatment process.


    Our Drying
 We dry our bamboo to a perfect moisture range of between 12-14%

    Every bamboo pole and or parts are first carefully selected for natural beauty and quality before the start of shaping,
 sanding and construction by are team of bamboo artisans.

    All critical bamboo joints are expertly “plugged” to provide exceptional strength.
This prevents common structural failures such as crushed or split poles as maybe experienced on other inferior products.

    All critical bamboo joints are connected with a 2-part premium epoxy to provide exceptional strength.
 This prevents common structural separation failures as maybe experienced on other inferior products.

    Finishing on all of our products is considered a “Premium Finish” in the industry due to our
 4-coat, proprietary Polyurethane finish with high UV protection that offers high strength, beauty and long life.

    FYI: The bamboo industry standard finish is the “Basic finish” or what’s also known as the “short life finish”
              that consist of varnish without UV protection, 1-coat of sanding sealer with only 1 top-coat.


Our Premium Manufacturing Process is the reason we can offer our valued customers…

The Only 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty in The Industry!

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