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Advantages of Bamboo for Gazebos over other Materials


Gazebos were all originally made of wood due to its aesthetic appeal as well as the availability of wood.

In the 19th century gazebos also became available made of metal and recently in the west, bamboo...although the latter has been used as a construction material in East Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years.

Size and design do play important factors when selecting a gazebo,  but the material used and what this means to you should not be underestimated.


All gazebos look beautiful when you first buy one new, but the material there made from will play the key role in the beauty of the gazebo over the years of ownership along with its durability as well as convenience.


Maintenance, repair and protection from the weather effects are of importance.  And we can't forget how important the quality of the manufacturer is as well.

Bamboo gazebos have become very, very popular throughout the world due to all the advantages of bamboo over other types of materials.


Gazebos are all made to be outdoors during heat, cold, snow, wind and rain this means that the material the gazebo is made from needs to be strong to withstand all the effects of the bad weather. And lets not forget about the termites and other insects that can cause a substantial damage to the wood that remains the most popular material for gazebos.


According to market research, people love wood as the most beautiful of all available materials because it blends with the nature... unlike metal that is considered hard and cold.


However, bamboo gazebos are not inferior to wood nor metal in anyway. In fact, bamboo has advantages over other wood and metal which also explains why so many people prefer bamboo over metal and even it cousin wood.

Bamboo is a 100% natural material just like its cousin wood but with several major differences...

It is amazingly durable, and strong but unlike wood, it does not require any kind of protection from any of the effects from the weather or insects when its treated properly.


Bamboo can withstand strong sunlight, rain, snow, cold temperatures and even hail.


Wood, on the other hand, is durable as well but most types of wood need protection against the weather effects which means that a wooden gazebo needs to be painted at least once a year.


Another huge advantage of bamboo over wood is the fact that it will not ever lose its color over its life, while we have all seen old wood and it sure does. Whats this mean? This means that a bamboo gazebo will looks as new for years without any maintenance or special care.

What about metal you ask?

Lets just say, metal is very durable, but not weather proof either and will always need continuous care and protection against its enemy...rust.

It will always lose this battle. Metal just doesn't have the appeal with the public as natural materials always will, especially with the world awakening and becoming environmentally conscious about the materials we use in our daily lives.

If you want living furniture, that is functional, beautiful, strong, durable, easily renewable and won't harm the environment in anyway...

bamboo is your clear standout out of all possible other materials.

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