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1st Time - New Dealerships Offered 

The Bamboo Grove Furniture (BGF) Dealership Opportunity.


Our unique outdoor and indoor Luxury Furnishings, Gazebos, Spa Covers, Bars etc. . . are not available just anywhere! You won't find them in your local Big Box Store or Patio Furniture Store, only through our dealers. 

As a matter of fact this dealership opportunity is being offered to the public for the first time ever in selected areas. 



This opportunity is the perfect fit for the first time or existing businesses/business person. It can be seamlessly added as a new line or as a stand alone business model. 

Imagine having a business with a product that people love and with. . . 

  • No competitors! 

  • No franchise fees! 

  • No Dealer Setup Fees! 

  • No strict license requirements! 

  • No professional credentials! 

  • No prior experience required! 

  • That is 100% Echo Friendly! 

  • That has Low Startup Capital! 


With Residual income - derived from delivery, setup, relocation's, upgrades, repairs etc. . . 

Large Customer Base - residential, commercial, hotel, resort, pool & spa, restaurants, wineries, golf courses, retirement homes, malls, amusement parks to name just a few. 

Great IncomeEasily earn a six figure income in just 6 months or less, with only one dealership. 

Sound too good to be true? It's 100% true & accurate! and conservative. 

All you really need is an entrepreneurial spirit and a little capital to get started. 
We provide the quality products, sales training, service training, business coaching, and logistical support. 

It typically costs less to start a BGF dealership than it does to start a small coffee shop! 
Only Investment is for you're Display Models and basic starter inventory, there is no Dealer or Office Setup Charges, Account Setup Charges or any other hidden fees. 

The timing for this business is perfect. . . 
People are investing more in their home -- not new vacation homes, bigger homes, or expensive family vacations. Families are investing in their nest. They want beautiful & Unique products to showcase their home, It's a win-win scenario. 

This is not a franchise We do not charge any fees for selling our products. We will offer a very attractive exclusive contract that prevents dealers from competing with each other in their territory. 

We supply independent local businesses who answer only to themselves. 
We provide great products and excellent marketing, training, and logistical support. 
This is a rare ground floor business opportunity that doesn't happen often! 

Note: It is important to have different Display Units for your customers to see, touch and fall in love with.

This can not be achieved with a picture! That's why all dealers must have products for display and inventory. 

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