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Décor & Furnishings with the Environment in Mind

   At Bamboo Grove Furniture the balance of art, design and sustainability is our key to success.


  Bringing sustainable resources with classic and modern designs to our premium indoor and outdoor bamboo furniture and accessories.


  Our primary interest is to design and build intuitively appealing pieces that people can really live with,
pieces that endure the impact of everyday use and endure for generations to come
because the piece that endures is one less in the landfill.

  We pride ourselves on making our luxury, hand-crafted, unique products accessible to individual and large-scale clients alike.

  Built only from rapidly renewable materials,
we make furnishings and accessories that last lifetimes - without harming anyone or anything in the process.

 "DESIGN well. BUILD to last. LIVE with beauty"

 Robert Doucette


Bamboo Grove Furniture

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