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Crushed Bamboo Mats (Sasa)

Crushed bamboo mats (also called "Sasa" in Visayan) are mats made from flattened bamboo poles.

These mats are used for many things but mainly in the furniture and construction industry as you will see in some of the examples on this page.


Our crushed bamboo is made from Philippine bamboo, considered as the world's finest bamboo. The mats are treated against insect infestation, mold and dried to approximately 11-12% moisture content (or to clients request).

Crushed Bamboo Wholesale Prices

Standard length for flattened bamboo mats for export is 4 meters (13.1ft.). We can load a 40' HQ container with about 4,300 mats. 

To learn about our wholesale prices please don't hesitate to contact us.


* Incoterms: Ex-Works
* Lead Time/Processing time 60-90 days’ average.
* More time may apply for large or special orders.

How We Make Crushed Bamboo Mats (Sasa)

Crushed bamboo mats are made by splitting and flattening the bamboo poles. It’s very important that only fresh, healthy bamboo is cut. The perfect shade of green helps determines the right age, about 3 - 4 years old are considered the best age.


Splitting all the nodes of the bamboo with a hatchet is the first step.
The second step is to slice the bamboo pole with a bamboo spade to perforate all the nodes.


Once all the nodes are perforated, the third step is to pound it with a mallet until the bamboo panel is flat.


Fourth Step: After the bamboo is flattened it’s crucial to remove the inner white layer.
The 4th step is important because the inner layer is very attractive for insects.


Once the bamboo mats are cleaned, the fifth step is to preserve them against future insect attacks and mold. Treatment is done by submerging the bamboo in tanks with a mixture of non-toxic preservatives and water for 12-14 days.

Finally, the 6th step, the drying process.

Air drying of crushed bamboo takes about 1-2 months depending on time of season and the humidity levels.


What is Crushed Bamboo Used for?

Crushed bamboo can be used for many things. It can be used in its natural form or it may be sanded, shredded, pressed to make it for a specific use. Flattened bamboo is also a lot less costly to transport than round poles, which makes it a very lucrative for manufacturers of value added bamboo products (flooring, panels, furniture, composite lumber, fabric etc.) 


Crushed Bamboo Ceiling Panels


Sasa is also used as bamboo interior/exterior walls, ceiling and floor panels in tropical architecture, and now even mainstream designers are incorporating it into the designs. Bamboo mats/panels can be stained or even painted to add some color and at home in any décor or design.


Crushed Bamboo Used as Wall Panels


Sasa is also used as wall covering or paneling, or can even be integrated as a wall support system. Due to Philippine bamboo's strength and flexibility, using crushed bamboo wall mats then plastered with adobe will provide a substantially cheaper solution to drywall or especially to CHB or brick.


Using bamboo with natural made plasters will make these walls earthquake resistant and non-toxic and biodegradable, also this forms very effective insulation protection from sound and temperature, fire retardant and even water resistance!


Crushed Bamboo for Flooring


Crushed bamboo used in flooring is another very popular use, either our natural (with nodes) or the sanded finish. Of course the smoother the finish you require, the more work will be involved. The top layer could even be sanded and then finished with a polyurethane top coat and then glued together to a backing. We can also provide these complete services at the clients request.


Crushed Bamboo Timber & Beams


Crushed bamboo timbers and beams are a very eco-friendly way to produce very strong load bearing beams/timbers or just thick boards. As many crushed bamboo panels that are needed for the desired dimensions are glued and hydraulically pressed, cured and then sawn into client specific dimensions. Worldwide laboratory test has proven that the mechanical properties of these bamboo beams are simply amazing with tensile strength exceeding steel.


Crushed Bamboo Used for Furniture


Just a few furniture examples with flattened bamboo and locally sourced tropical hardwoods. Playing with the direction of the grain gave a lovely aesthetic effect to the bamboo table top, especially with the darker contrast of the mahogany frame. The use of crushed bamboo in furniture design can offer a more modern look compared to more traditional bamboo pole furniture.

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