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Container Orders:
1. Minimum Order for Dealers/Distributors is one (1) 40’ foot HC Container. Mixing items is accepted.

We will assist you in maximizing the space for your Container.

2. 50% down payment on all orders and balances due prior to shipping.


3. Orders that have been placed into production are non-cancelable.

Cancellation shall forfeit the payment received.


Note: Canada - USA

We can place a total of about 15-20 standard size Gazebo units in one 40' HC Container, 

and shipping for around $4,00 to $5,000 USD to most parts of the world.



What is the shipping cost?
Container/Shipping Cost Canada - USA*


  • 20'ft Container: Shipping door to door for around $3,500 USD*

  • 40'ft Container FCL= to ship to Toronto door to door is around $5,000 USD*
    We will provide you with a firm shipping price when you order.


Shipping Cost Includes (FOB CEBU)

  • Point of Origin - Pickup, storage, packing and handling.

  • Fumigation of goods.

  • 100% insurance of all goods on FCO orders.

  • Transportation by land from Point of Origin to Cebu Port.

  • Cebu Port Authority fee.

  • Philippine customs clearance.

  • Stuffing and Bkk Port terminal clearance.

  • Bill of Lading.

  • C/O form.

  • Export license.

  • Documents sent to you by courier.


Not included in shipping cost

  • Destination Local Port Charges.

  • Destination Local Import Tax/Duty.

  • Penalty for Discrepancy of Incomplete Customs Clearance Documents.

  • Additional Storage Fee due to longer than normal Customs Clearance.

  • Auction List Fee.

  • Third Party Fee for Quarantine or Legalization of Papers.

  • Other than Local Port transportation (Other City/Town Transportation)


Is there any importation duty or any other cost to me?

As far as I know, Bamboo furniture is not subject of any duties, or sometimes the charges are 1% or less.

But please check with your customs office.


Is this pricing for Door to Door?

The container is shipped directly to your designated destination. But please keep in mind that with the kind of dealer discount we offer all shipping charges are to your account and may vary depending on location.


What is the average transit time?

25-35 Days (Air Freight is also available)


What is the time to ship 40'ft container loads?

Container Orders: 

Typically to manufacture a full container load of furniture will take approximately 30-40 days and delivery to your destination will take another 30-40 days (depending on location) 

So in total from the day we receive your first order it may take around 60-80 days to reach you.


Note: We only harvest our bamboo when it's a minimum of 3 years old to a maximum of 4 years old and only during the dry season.

After we select, harvest & bring the bamboo stock to our factory, we have to dry and treat it properly, so it will not develop any problems later on.

This process may require more lead time depending on the order size and complexity.


What is your Warranty?

In a nutshell, 1 full year for craftsmanship & structure.



If you require more info and or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



*All printed material e.g. Magazines, Brochures etc… are not free, please ask for a quote.

*All shipping estimates are approx, location, time of year etc... will affect the actual cost.

** Custom designed Target Marketing Campaigns are billed by the hour, please submit you're budget when requesting a quote.

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