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Philippine Bamboo Poles

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Bamboo Grove Furniture is a producer and exporter of wholesale bamboo poles in bulk from the Philippines.


Our species is called Bambusa blumeana, this bamboo is known locally as: Kawayang Tinik it is very desirable and sought out for construction or e-bamboo processes.


Culms: Bambusa blumeana is a thorny bamboo with slightly arching green culms of 15-25 m tall.

The internodes are 25-35 cm long, with 8-15 cm in diameter and an average wall thickness of 2-3 cm.

At the base of the culms, wall thickness is mostly solid, especially in dry areas or poor soils.

Lower culm nodes show a ring of aerial roots, with a gray or brown ring below and above the sheath scar.


Besides its beauty and sustainability, bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel, which makes it the preferred natural product for construction and load bearing applications.


Bamboo Poles Harvest and Treatment Process

As with regular dimensional lumber, bamboo has also a low resistance

against insects and fungus. 
Without any protective treatment, most bamboo species have an average

life span of less than 2 years


In order to offer our customers only Grade A construction and export

quality poles we have developed special preservation and drying

techniques which are unique in the industry. These techniques consist of

sustainable and selective harvest at high altitudes, submerging the poles

in large tanks with non-toxic boron preservatives at high temperatures,

sun bleaching, solar drying and curing. 

Treated bamboo last as long as any treated wood. With proper design,

bamboo will last a lifetime.

1. Selection and Harvest

Only mature bamboo culms of 3-4 years old are selected by our experienced harvesters.


2. Perforating and Dimensioning

After the bamboo poles are harvested and transported to our treatment facility a  large steel rod is used to penetrate each node throughout the length of the Guadua pole in order to allow the treatment solution to enter the pole.

3. Washing

To prepare bamboo poles for the treatment process, the surface is cleaned with a high pressure washer.

4. Preparing Treatment Solution

The treatment of bamboo is extremely important to insure the long service life of the poles.
We use an organic, non-toxic proprietary boron solution.

5. Preservation (Boron Soak Diffusion Method)


Our method of soaking also known as diffusion in a minimally non-toxic boron solution is the ideal process when the poles are to be used for construction or further processing.

This treatment also allows the bamboo poles to cure faster and causes no damage to the culm walls as compared to other treatment methods such as the sap-replacement method or the damage done to the poles from drilling multiple holes such as the autoclave method.

6. Curing & Drying


After treatment, the poles are sun cured in open air until the desired moisture content is reached. 

The sun-curing removes most the chlorophyll in the outer layer and gives the bamboo its beautiful beige color.

7. Color Coding and Quality Control


Every bamboo pole is sent through our quality control, to meet our high standards for; limited cracks and bends, moisture content, maturity and color. After passing our QC the poles are than color coded by dimension this will also show the poles passed our QC and is ready to ship.

Wholesale Bamboo Poles  

All our bamboo poles are dried to a moisture content of between 14 - 16% to avoid cracking in drier climates and treated against boring insect and fungus formation. 

The standard length of our poles for export is 6 meters. 


1 x 40'ft HQ container can hold approximately 1100+ poles of 6 m length (mixed diameters 7-14cm)


Poles can be cut to your specifications for a fee. 


Processing time up to 90 days average or longer depending on season and for large or special orders.


For information about our wholesale bamboo poles prices and additional discounts

for distributors please don't hesitate to contact us.

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