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– Famous worldwide premium grade natural fiber from the Philippines

– Fantastic Knot-holding ability

– Minimal stretch/elongation

– 100% Eco friendly & biodegradable


Our Natural fiber ropes are manufactured from selected high and medium grade fibers.

They are suited to meet the demands of the oil industry, shipping, construction, agriculture to decorating, furniture and even in the manufacture of Bio-Plastics.  Our Class "A" Manila rope is the top grade rope at home in jobs where cost, tensile strength, and durability are required. It offers fantastic resistance from mildew and  deterioration.  If you're looking for the strongest natural fiber rope contact us.



Twines are available in many different sizes from 240 to 900 feet per pound, with choice of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-ply.
Obtainable in sacks made up of ten universal cones, each weighing 1.2 or 1.4 kilos, or in sets of ten 2.25 kilo balls. However, on special orders, 1-ply twines can be packaged in 50- or 100- multi-ended coils of 50 and 100 kilos. This manner of packaging is ideal for twines used in sewing sacks for agricultural products.


No. 1 USFS.  Manufactured for the US oil drilling market in conformity with the tensile strength requisites of U.S. Federal Specification TR-605B, Type M, Class 1, Amendment 3. This rope has a Becker Value of 36 minimum.

No. 1 CIS.  Conforms to the latest Cordage Institute CI 1308-01 2001 specifications for Manila Rope.

No. 1 BSS. A 3-strand rope designed to conform with British Standard Specification 2052:1989 for Grade 1 Manila Rope. [ New specs EN698:1995 also available ]


No. 1 ISO. A Grade 1 Pure Manila Rope that conforms to the specifications of the International Organization for Standardization ISO:1181-1973 Quality - 1. This rope is constructed in 3- or 4-Strand.


Manila Rope Abaca Sizes
Manila Rope Abaca Sizes
Manila Rope Abaca Sizes
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