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Sail Boats


The latest trend in shade! Shade sails are beautiful, structural awnings that look like a work of art and provide excellent shade for your patio, pool area or other outdoor living space.


When building a shade sail, you’ll need to carefully plan out the project before you begin. Decide what shape of shade you’d like to make (rectangular or triangular) and how many panels you’ll use.


Additional Design & Installation Notes:


•    Sail shades of 7.5 meters or less per side will be supported with 5cm (2”in) polyester webbing sewn along the sides. For larger sails we use wire rope in sleeves.

•    When properly mounted and tensioned shade sail will have approximately 70-180 kg of edge tension. Wind loads from 21-75 kg. per square meter are typical. Loading is divisible by the number of corners.

•    Flat sails must be canted adequately, 1:4 slope is recommended.

•    Remove shade sail(s) in harsh weather.

•    Use chain to span distances from shade sail corners to attachment points. We use 8mm coil chain zinc plated (grade 30 proof).

•    We ensure the working load limit (WLL) of hardware used will accommodate the shade sail.


Shade sail.png
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