BGF is a luxury bamboo furniture & accessory manufacturer, focused on designing and delivering awesome, custom made and ready made solutions for the premium furniture industry sectors.

 BGF is one of the top, longest established (est. 1973) and respected bamboo furniture businesses worldwide.

We believe that there is still no machine that can truly replace the skill or the eye of our bamboo craftsman and artisans.


Every single piece that we deliver is unique and handcrafted to order, with utmost care and precision.

Ever since our inception over 45 years ago we've built a reputation known for producing bespoke/custom made designs for luxury brands worldwide.

   BGF built its name with traditional and modern bamboo designs with our vision focused on total luxury with a natural living approach.


Bamboo Grove Furniture (BGF)
Is Your Trusted, Premier Designer, Manufacturer & Exporter of Eco-Friendly Luxury Bamboo Furniture Products Worldwide.


Our Bamboo Furniture is made and finished to the highest export standards. 


Our Bamboo


   We use only Philippine “A” Grade Bamboo, because of its heavier and thicker wall composition through out its length. The species of Philippine Bamboo we use is considered the finest bamboo in the world "Bambusa blumeana" these are construction quality poles and not to be compared with inferior Tonkin bamboo from China.


   All bamboo and materials are personally selected by our craftsmen then submerged in our treatment tanks filled with our proprietary boron solution. This provides protection from insects and fungus/mold growth and will provide a life span of 30 years+ (un-treated bamboo lifespan is only 2-4 years) and in addition to container fumigation that meets or surpasses all international customs requirements.


   All our bamboo products are made of a 100% renewable resource, Bamboo and Nipa leaves.

   Nipa Thatch Roofs

   Nipa is a palm leaf that has been used as roofing material for centuries in the Philippines.

The insulating properties of these leaves are incredible and still match and even surpass some modern insulating materials.

   Our Quality 

   Matches or surpasses western consumer standards. You will not find higher quality Bamboo products and Accessories anywhere else. We guarantee it!


   All larger products are knock-Down style and can be shipped in either: kit style, or to maximize container space loose form.


   Easy Assembly 

   All parts are labeled for easy assembly.

   Gazebo Assembly Examples; 

   Garden Bamboo Gazebo: 2-3 hours for 2 people (With Just Basic Hand Tools)

   Classic Nipa Hut /  Bamboo Gazebo: 3-4 hours for 2 people (With Just Basic Hand Tools)

We invite you to browse our Premium Quality selection of Bamboo Gazebos, Bamboo Furniture & Accessories
If you can't find what your looking for.... no worries we can make it!
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Worldwide Sales +63.917.320.4512 | +63.32.406.5381 

Head Office | North Town Centre | City of Bogo, Cebu | Philippines 6010

Factory & Treatment Facility | Cayang | City of Bogo, Cebu | Philippines 6010



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